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Demilitarization Zone  13
Japanese vodka, dry-roasted shishito honey, lime, seaweed paste, ginger beer


Flashback of the Orient  12
Green tea sochu, turmeric maple syrup , hana awaka sparkling flower sake, wild hibiscus


A Kiss on the Wrist*  12
Moonstone asian pear sake, vodka, orgeat, lime, red bell pepper, chilli oil, white egg


Her Uncle’s Broken Guitar*  12
Gin infused with jackfruit, lemon, coconut palm sugar syrup, suze bitters, pandan soda, white egg

Mr. Green’s Home - Ec Class*  13
Green tea leaves infused gin, cucumber, matcha, lavender seeds, maple turmeric syrup, extra dry vermouth, white egg

Nashville Wrecking Ball  14
Tennessee straight sour mash whiskey, koval prune brandy, turmeric maple syrup,  bolivar bitters, magnolia bitters, and lemon


This Old House

Bourbon, Japanese whiskey, moonshine cherries, date honey, bitters    13

Yum Yum Woo

Jasmine flowers infused rum, hibiscus grenadine, palm sugar syrup, lemon, blood orange juice, blood orange

liqueur   14

A Fine Line Between Love and Money 

Tequila, pineapple, yuzu, lime, pink peppercorn, butterfly pea flower & lemon zest syrup     14

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