Frozen Yogurt   6.5

Lychee, strawberry, meringue shards, and raspberry sauce


Green Tea Ice Cream  6.5
100% Authentic, Japanese-inspired, natural green tea cream lightly dusted with match powder.

Fried Banana Tempura  7.5
Fried banana tempura topped with chocolate sryup and powder sugar; served with green tea ice cream and sprinkled with roasted almonds.

Cheesecake Tempura 7.5

Deep-fried cheesecake tempura drizzled with chocolate syrup;  served with whipped cream and strawberry topping.

Tiramisu Cake  7.5

Mascarpone cheese, cognac, powdered sguar, a hint of expresso, and chocolate;  topped with whipped cream.


spicy (*)
raw fish (**)
raw fish & spicy (***)

V:1.1. MV: Winter 22.1/2.10