Ginger and wasabi come on request

The Eastern Peak Roll**  16.5
Tamago, crab, avocados, topped with salmon aburi, ikura, spicy mayo, and kabayaki  sauce

Crab Dragon Roll  16.5
Shrimp tempura, cucumbers; topped with crab tempura, garlic mayo, kabayaki sauce, and lemon

Tiger Shrimp Roll  17
Shrimp tempura, tiger shrimp, avocados, masago, garlic mayo, and kabayaki  sauce 

TNT Roll***  17.5
Spicy tuna roll topped with shrimp tempura, crunchy, masago, avocados, sriracha sauce, scallions, and spicy mayo

Beauty and the Beast***  18.5
Half spicy tuna, half eel, asparagus, avocados, topped with eel, fresh tuna, crunchy, sriracha sauce, spicy mayo, and kabayaki sauce

Music City Roll***  19.5
Shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, avocados, cucumbers, topped with spicy scallop, black tobiko, spicy mayo, crunchy and kabayaki sauce

Tiger Shrimp Roll 

Shrimp tempura, tiger shrimp, avocados, masago, garlic mayo, and kabayaki  sauce      17.5

Titan Roll 

Deep fried roll with, spicy crab, avocados, asparagus, cream cheese, masago,  spicy mayo, kabayaki sauce, and scallions     14.5

Gulch Roll

Wagyu beef, shrimp tempura, unagi, avocados, asparagus, topped with truffle mayo, kabayaki  sauce, and crispy garlic   27

Predator Roll*** 

Spicy tuna, avocados, scallions, masago, topped with hamachi, kimchi sauce, and jalapeño     18.5

Green Garden Roll 

Asparagus tempura, roasted red bell peppers, kampyo, cucumbers, and avocados topped with kiwi sauce   14

Red Fire Dragon***

Spicy tuna, avocados, cucumbers, topped with our fresh tuna, sriracha sauce, spicy mayo, and kabayaki sauce   18.5

spicy (*)
raw fish (**)
raw fish & spicy (***)

V:1.1. MV: Winter 22.1/2.10